vehicle wraps

Our talented signage department can take your vehicle wrap concept and make it happen! Using the highest-quality vinyls and laminates, we can ensure durability and an incredible finish.Vehicle wraps are a professional way to make your business vehicles look like they are a part of a fleet.

Vehicle wraps are for more than just advertising! We have a line of specialty vinyls that will make your ride look truly unique and separate yourself from the ordinary.



Want your vehicle to be a different colour?

Our pre-coloured Gloss, Matte, Metallic, and Pearescent vinyls will be for you.


Looking for something sporty?

Then our black, white and coloured Carbon Fibre vinyls are what you’re looking for.


Something Elite..

Chrome, Brushed Metals, Textured Leather, Textured Snakeskin, and much more may be the right stuff for you.


Wanna wrap?

Here are some ideas for wrap vinyls:

Electronic Devices:
MP3 Players, Mobile phones (iPhone, Android), Tablets (iPad, Android tablets), Gaming consoles (Playstation 3, XBOX 360, Wii, Wii U, etc), Laptops (Macbooks, Notebooks, Netbooks, etc.), Computer cases (iMac, PC)Small vehicles:
Bicycles, Mountain Bikes, MOPEDs, Motorized Scooters, Dirt bikes, Motorbikes, Personal watercrafts, Snowmobiles, ATVs

Mid-Size vehicles:
Smart cars, Sport cars, Sedans, Hatchbacks, Taxi cabs, Convertibles, SUVs, Pickup trucks, 4x4s

Large vehicles:
Minivans, Work vans, Courier vans, Tool trailers, Camping trailers, 5th wheels, Toy haulers

Super-size vehicles:
RV’s, Semi-trucks / Trailers, Transport trucks, Transit busses, Airplanes


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