Custom Signs, Full-Color Signage Coroplast, Komobrite, Alupanel, Aluminum

Signs in Prince Rupert BC

We love our community, we love local businesses, so we love to see so many using signs in Price Rupert to advertise their business. But signs aren’t just for telling people: “Hey, we’re here!” Use them to impress your customers! Be creative, showcase your product line or services with full colour signs in Prince Rupert.

Use custom signs to move your customers to action, and keep their business local by showing them that they’re not missing out on great deals. Showcase yourself so they know there’s great shops, sales, products and services: right here in Prince Rupert BC! Using custom signs for  advertising can dramatically boost your visibility and create new opportunities for you business.

Options & Pricing:


  • Sizes & Prices
  • Sign Materials
  • CNC Router-cut signs
  • Common Sizes Sheet thickness Coroplast® Alupanel® Aluminum
    12″ x 18″ 1/8″ (3mm) $25.25 $37.00 $45.00
      1/4″ (6mm) $26.25 $41.75  
    18″ x 24″ 1/8″ (3mm) $35.25 $59.25 $79.25
      1/4″ (6mm) $37.25 $68.25  
    24″ x 36″ 1/8″ (3mm) $55.50 $104.25 $142.00
      1/4″ (6mm) $59.25 $121.50  
    48″ x 48″ 1/8″ (3mm) $123.00 $250.25 $354.25
      1/4″ (6mm) $133.25 $299.25  
    48″ x 96″ 1/8″ (3mm) $216.00 $470.50 $599.00
      1/4″ (6mm) $236.25 $576.25  

    Our custom signs are layered with printed vinyl and laminated with a 3mil UV protective clearcoat. Horizontal or Vertical layout.
    Completion time is normally within 48 hours from time of design approval.


    *Prices subject to change without notice. Prices do not include design time, laminate, or other variables that need to be considered upon request.

  • Coroplast®

    Coroplast® is a semi-rigid substrate that looks like corrugated plastic, hence it’s name. Suitable for indoor and short term outdoor uses, it is fairly durable, but may not withstand heavy weather and can become brittle over years of UV exposure.


    Komobrite® is a semi-rigid, flexible solid plastic substrate that has smooth surfaces. Suitable for indoor and short-term outdoor uses, it is fairly durable, but may not withstand heavy weather
    and can become brittle over years of UV exposure. It is best suited for smaller signs or larger signs mounted to a solid surface.


    This rigid, lightweight and durable substrate is our favorite for signs. It is double-sided with a smooth aluminum-surface sheet held together with a lightweight core. Alupanel® can be CNC router-cut to create amazing eye-catching signs.


    For the most durable signs, choose our solid aluminum sheets. .08” thick sheets come in affordable pre-cut sizes, and are perfect for signs that may be prone to extreme conditions. Aluminum can also be CNC router-cut.


    For that extra something, add a dimensional element to your sign by using one, or multiple layers of Plexiglass.® Colourless clear or white sheets are available a wide range of shapes and sizes. Plexiglass® can also be CNC router-cut.

  • CNC Router-cut Signs

    Make your sign even more unique by making it a custom CNC router-cut sign. Basic and complex shapes will make your sign pop and catch attention. CNC’d signs are available on Alupanel®, Aluminum, and Plexiglass substrates, please call us for a quote.


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